Flooring accessories are the complimentary part for the installation of laminate flooring with perfect finish. We have matched color of accessories with the flooring as well as of aluminium profiles to cover the different choices of our customers.
Quarter Round
End moulding
Reducer with Plastic Rail
End Cap with Plastic Rail
Underlay Foam

Wall Skirting

We also customize MDF skirting with variety of designs according to the customers demand. Choosing laminate flooring customers have requirements of bigger widths of skirting and we fulfill it with the efforts of our working team

Care For Floor

We have a high quality pre-finished laminate flooring products that will not require any special treatment directly after the installation. It is important to note that regular care and maintenance responsibilities are required to better preserve your floor. If you follow these general cleaning and required maintence guidelines your new floor will perform as intented for many years to come.

  • Please ensure that an ideal room-climate is maintained whenever possible. Ideal condition would provide for approximately, 45-60% Air humidity and 21-25 °C room temperatures. This is a comfortable range for indoor climate and provides for optimal health and assist in the overall performance of the floor.

  • Do not expose laminate flooring to direct sunlight, please use blinds, windows/door coverings to protect the laminate flooring from excessive heat exposure.

  • Daily cleaning should be done with a vacuum cleaner, static mop, or smooth floor-broom. Any sand or dirt should be immediately removed because they can cause scratches and damage the floor surface. Please ensure that there is no metal screws or sharp edges are evident on the vacuum head. Water or food spillage should be wiped or cleaned up as soon as possible.

  • Whenever necessary, the floor surface can be cleaned with a well-rung damp-dry mop. Do not use conventional household cleaning solutions and detergent, they are be abrasive and will damage the surface coating. Never use traditional wax or steel wool on laminate floor. PH neutral solutions are required, please observe and follow supplier’s intruction for the safety of the floors.

  • It is very important that you affix felt strips or suitable protection under any furniture’s-bases, chair legs and commonly movable objects. At entry points and high traffic areas the use of floor mats to remove entry grit and dirt is recommended and will be very useful to help preserve your floor’s surface coating. Do not drag or push any heavy items across the surface of laminate floors.

  • Roller or castor chair should not be used directly on the floor surface. Protective mats must be placed on the floor surface.

  • Additional surface coating are not required for your pre-finished laminate flooring. Once installed it’s ready to walk on.

  • In case of any plank damage on the surface (e.g. by furniture movement, etc.), it is possible to remove damaged plank by pulling up the surrounding area and re-fitting a new plank. Professional advice and assistance from a qualified installer or specialist retailer.